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Explore our range of medicines that ensures harmonious balance between mind, body and spirit.

Diabetic Wellness

Keep your diabetes under check with Asanadi Gana Plus Kashaya and Pramehari Choorna

Digestive Wellness

Say goodbye to uncomfortable digestive issues with our tried and tested products.


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About SDP Ayurveda

Rooted in the heart of Panaje, SDP Ayurveda is a legacy of commitment and promise. For over three decades, we’ve been your trusted companion in holistic well-being

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Effective Formulations

Inspired by ancient traditions, backed by science, powerful ingredients and rich proportions.

100% Transparent & Honest

No hidden ingredients, no fillers, only what’s on the label. And nothing else!

100% Safe & Pure

High quality ingredients, no harmful effects. Safe for babies, sensitive skins. Because the skin eats too!

100% Natural & Vegan

No added chemicals, preservatives, fragrances. No mineral oil. Only the healing power of plants!

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